Is Dwight Howard the right choice for LA

As the start of the new NBA season is getting near, the excitement for the NBA fans, for now, are the trades of some the star players. And one of those notable trades is Dwight Howard’s second stint with the Lakers. However, this trade is not like any other. Moreover, players with nomadic experience in changing five teams in the last four seasons usually stay under the radar. Yet, an athlete of the calibre of Dwight Howard is not the type of a player that will go unnoticed. And the Los Angeles Lakers are not your average NBA team. But regardless of the argument, there will be a strong debate if Dwight Howard is the right guy for this Lakers team?


  1. Chance for Redemption

If we look at the media, their perception about Howard is that he is just another journeyman in the NBA. However, the Lakers are bringing a fit, motivated and productive veteran with great physical presence. Moreover, pairing Howard with the likes of LeBron and Anthony Davis is something that can have a galvanizing effect on his second stint with the Lakers. In the same time, the addition of Howard would further enhance Los Angeles’ real chances for a playoff spot this season. And that is something that they have not achieved since Howard left. Therefore, this reunion is a great chance for redemption for both parties.

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  1. Supporting Player with Great Stats.

The second notable reason is closely related to the efficiency of Howard. The 6.9 f centre career average is 17.4 points, 12.7 rebounds and 2.0 blocked shots per game. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Atlanta born Howard is undeniably one of the greatest big athletes of his generation. And while many have mixed feelings about this trade, the realistic expectation is he can be a strong supporting player for the club.


  1. Physical Presence and Personality

Often in his career, the critics of Howard have related to his attitude and locker room presence, which was one of the main problems for him during his first stint in L.A. Moreover, his conflict with Kobe Bryant was seen as a destructive element for the Lakers. However, if we make a more detailed analysis, Dwight Howard is a low risk for the Lakers. To be more specific, if he performs for the Lakers, it will be a great asset. And if not, the Lakers can easily trade him. Yet, the reality is that he is still a great player. He still can rebound and he can protect the rim. Moreover, he is a big and strong body that can hustle those strong centres in the Western Conference.”


The Bottom Line

The impending return of Dwight Howard at the Lakers caused a strong divide among some Lakers fans. However, this Atlanta born athlete can be a strong supporting player with great physical presence for the Lakers. And if he manages to be a good teammate, then the Lakers and Howard are on the right track for success.

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