4 Reasons Why the Los Angeles Clippers are a Serious Title Contender

4 Reasons Why the Los Angeles Clippers are a Serious Title Contender

The NBA season is well on track and the question among many is which teams will make the playoffs this season? Moreover, there are a few sides that have the potential and the ability to go all the way and winning the championship. And while there is an ongoing debate about which teams will challenge, the Los Angeles Clippers are slowly working on their goal this season.

Moreover, the argument is that the additions of Leonard and Paul can make the Clippers a real championship contender. However, not everyone shares that opinion. Especially with the current form of their local rivals the Lakers, this Clippers team is facing a strong challenge to be at the top. That is why in this article we will analyze the reasons why the Clippers will be part of the NBA playoffs this season.

1. Strong Home Record
The Los Angeles Clippers are a team that is well known for their home-court dominance. Moreover, it seems that this season they intend to keep that tradition as the current record at home stands at 13-1. Moreover, they have managed to score a home win in 8 of the last 9 homes. And their only home defeat came in the game against the Milwaukee Bucks. Therefore, it is safe to say that this team has made the Staples Center a fortress. And that strong form can be the catalyst for success in reaching the playoffs.

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2. Championship Winning Duo
Kahwi Leonard and Paul George are the two names that can make a difference for the Clippers this season. However, it is important to emphasize that coach Doc Rivers will need to get the best out of both. The reality is that the two players have shorts contracts until 2021. Therefore, they will need to have an immediate impact. And to be moulded into a Championship-winning duo. But that should not be a problem for a well-proven tactician such as Doc Rivers. He has  21 seasons under his belt. And Rivers is the perfect coach that can get the maximum of Leonard and George.

On a positive side, the Clippers are yet to lose a game when Kawhi and Paul were in the starting line up together. However, this partnership is still in the developing stage.
Nevertheless, the potential is there and this partnership is the key for reaching the playoffs this season.

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3. Doc Rivers
The Clippers have been in Los Angeles for the last 35 years. And it is an undisputed fact that they have always been in the shadow of their local rivals, the Lakers. However, since 2014, the Clippers started to make some noise and to challenge their local arch-rivals. But while they did the talk, they were not able to walk to the walk. And that is where a proven tactician like Doc Rivers comes into play. Moreover, the 58 years old head coach has a strong career record of 894-658 coaching record after 21 seasons with the Clippers, Celtics and Orlando Magic.

However, Rivers is craving for another opportunity for the Championship. After the unexpected decision to miss the Celtic Championship celebration, Rivers publicly stated that it something that he could do differently. After losing his father that year, the emotions were still strong and that took its toll. Nevertheless, this is something that can give additional motivation to Rivers to get the Clippers to the playoffs. He is well proven in the game and there is more to come from him. Therefore, if Rivers can captain his L.A. side, perhaps he will have another chance to celebrate a championship.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Clippers are a team with a great abundance of talent and potential. Moreover, a team led by top-class athletes such as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will always be considered as a serious title contender. And combined with a tactical mastermind like Doc Rivers, the Clippers are on the right track to get back into the playoffs this season.

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