3 Simple Tips About MLB Baseball Betting

MLB betting has become very popular in today’s modern betting world. Moreover, it is safe to say that baseball is arguably the most profitable for experienced bettors. But it is important to emphasize that the baseball bets are somewhat different. To be more specific, baseball is the type of moneyline betting sport. This means that bettors only pick the team who wins, not who covers. And while many are actually aware of this, the ultimate question here is how this unique sport can be profitable for the sharp bettors.

1. Avoid Bets on the Big Dogs
The first notable baseball betting tip is to avoid betting on the big favourites. On that note, it is important to emphasize that most of the recreational bettors prefer putting money on the big dogs. Therefore, this will have a significant impact on the setting on the betting lines from the oddsmakers. To be more specific, if you bet on teams such as Brewers, Red Sox, Dodgers etc will make your pick overpriced since the average bettor will pick them anyway. In simple words, when they win, the payout is small but when they lose, you will lose a lot too.

2.Focus on the Money-Plus Underdogs
Another important advantage of the baseball betting is to take plus money dogs such as +150, +170, +120. That way you can win at a sub-50% clip but still finish the year with positive units won. When the underdogs lose, you only lose what you put in the bet. But when your underdog pick wins, you will get higher money payouts.

3.Reverse Line Movement Strategy
Baseball is more than just betting on plus underdogs or on the favourites. If you look at the professional bettors, one of their most effective sharp bettings is to follow the Reverse Line Movement when the betting line moves in the opposite direction of the betting percentages. An example for this can be Red Sox open -150 against the Yankees + 130. Boston is getting 75% of the money line bet, but you see the Red Sox fall from -150 to -135, while the Yankees move from +130 to +115. This is because sharp action came in on the Yankees. And even though New York is only getting 25% of bets, the line moved in their favour.

All in all, betting on baseball can be a very profitable option. Also, you should always remember that there are games every day with 2,430 season total. Therefore, MLB is an ideal opportunity for every sharp bettor to maximize its winnings.
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