3 Key Reasons Why the Lakers can win the NBA Championship

At the start of the season most, the NBA experts and pundits had the opinion that the Lakers are a stronger team. However, not many in the mainstream media expected that the Los Angeles based team will be among the favourites to win the Championship this season. Also, not many saw that the Lakers will have the best record (18-3) so far in the season. But the reality is that this Los Angeles based NBA franchise is in commanding form and they seem to be unstoppable. Therefore, in this article, we will analyze some of why the L.A Lakers can win the Championship.

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Strong Start
The Lakers fans have been waiting for a good team for a few years. However, it seems that this season they have something to celebrate. Moreover, the defence is looking sharp. Also, the players are showing some great performance. Additionally, the fans are behind the team as never before. And finally, the team is getting out of the shadow of their local rivals the L.A Clippers. After all, the Lakers got some impressive wins over teams like Dallas Mavericks, Phoenix Suns Miami Heat. Therefore, this Lakers team seems prepped and poised to take on any challenge that comes their way.

Frank Vogel Defensive Tactics
The Lakers went big in the transfer window as they signed some big names. However, there were some uncertainties about Vogel’s tactical knowledge. Additionally, there was a question mark about the coaching skills of the New Jersey-born tactician. However, the 46 years old former Orlando Magic coach showed his talent so far in the season.
Moreover, Vogel is now a proven defensive mastermind and that can be easily seen in the Lakers game.

For example, we can analyze his defensive game plan in the last game against the Heat. The 46-year-old tactician started with a stubborn 2-3 defensive zone against Miami. And, this tactical approach showed that it can take their opponents off balance. Also, this is an ideal game plan in which Davis and LeBron fit perfectly as they were able to constantly attack the middle.
And if we look at the numbers, the Lakers concede an average of 96 points per night. Also, they limit their opponents to 40% shots from the field.
All in all, it is the good defence that wins championships and the Lakers have adopted a strong defensive tactical approach that works really good so far.

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Strong Individuals
The Lakers broke the bank in the summer as they added some well-proven players. Moreover, this is a team now that has some of the best teams in the league. Starting with the 34-year-old Lebron who seems rested and prepared for the season. He showed that so far in the games as he has been pivotal for Los Angeles so far this year.
Furthermore, the Lakers added Anthony Davis to pair with LeBron. And this duo reminds of the successful days when Shaq and Kobe captured three championships together from 2000 through 2002. Also, during their time as teammates, the Los Angeles Lakers and went to four NBA Finals overall. Therefore, the expectation is that the Lebron Davis duo can lead the team back in the playoffs this season.

Proven Veterans
The Lakers also have some proven veterans in the team this season.
And one notable player that is coming back to the Lakers is Dwight Howard. Moreover, the Atlanta born veteran has some strong career stats. The 6.9 centre has a career average of 17.4 points, 12.7 rebounds and 2.0 blocked shots per game.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the Atlanta born Howard is undeniably one of the greatest big athletes of his generation. Therefore, the realistic expectation is that he can be a strong supporting player for the club. Additionally, Los Angeles can rely on Troy Daniels, Quinn Cook, and Danny Green as their experience will come in handy during the season.

The Bottom Line
All in all, the Lakers are a team that has the potential to push for a playoff spot this season. With proven names such as LeBron and Davis, and supported by the likes of Howard, the team can reach new heights this season. After all, a strong defence, top stars players and experienced squad topped with great tactician on the helm is the perfect definition of champions. And the Lakers have that this season.

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